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FEATURED Projects & Initiatives
American University of Beirut
Yafa Foundation established a partnership with The American University of Beirut in Lebanon to offer several ongoing scholarships and academic awards for Palestinians and academic achievers.

The Shireen Abu Akleh Scholarship

The Nizar Banat Scholarship

The Rouzan Al-Najjar Awards


Yafa Foundation established a partnership with Mariam Foundation in Palestine to support their Mariam Joy Program. Through the partnership, Yafa Foundation  provides the daily companions of children with cancer in hospitals university tuition support, as well as professional training needed for their role in helping children and their families in hospitals.


Yafa Foundation partnered with Elia Nuqul Foundation to support promising youth in completing their education and enhance their employability.


The partnership benefited 3 deserving young scholars, and enabled them to complete their higher education while empowering and equipping them with needed skills to get into the job market.


Yafa Foundation works regularly with Atfaluna for Medical Coverage in Jordan, a non-profit organization that provides quality healthcare services to underprivileged children.

Yafa Foundation's Grantees

Yafa Foundation aligns itself with organizations and initiatives targeting various sectors and serving various needs in Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon.

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