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Community Empowerment

MISSION: Yafa Foundation is an endowment granting charity with a vision to support a broad range of initiatives, institutions, and individuals that enrich and empower communities in Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon.

In its pursuit of planting long lasting seeds that form the foundation of flourishing communities, Yafa Foundation supports both short and long-term projects and

initiatives in multiple sectors including healthcare, education, cultural heritage, creativity, community engagement, and excellence in the field of sports.

Furthermore, in its interest to address the critical issues of our time, Yafa Foundation is also dedicated to supporting initiatives and organizations that shed light on the plight of Palestinians and the abuse they suffer from internal and external entities.

the Yafa Foundation is a family funded trust

Yafa Foundation is Registered in England and Wales, UK Registered Charity Number 1197312.


We believe in everyone’s basic right to access quality healthcare despite their background or socio-economic circumstances. Yafa Foundation is dedicated to supporting leading healthcare institutions and organizations in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon in providing healthcare to underprivileged patients in need of medical treatment.


We believe in education’s power to create long-term meaningful change in communities as it contributes to social stability and economic growth. As such, Yafa Foundation grants exceptional students scholarships at high ranked universities in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon, as well as support partner institutions that work to improve the cultural and educational environment and provide communities with educational tools and resources.

Cultural heritage

We support initiatives that conserve and enrich Palestinian culture and heritage, enabling it to be accessible to all and long lasting. This includes all forms of heritage ranging from the arts and literature to food and agriculture.

Community Engagement

In its pledge to shed light on the dire situation in Palestine, Yafa Foundation is dedicated to supporting awareness raising organizations that give an informed voice to the under-represented people of Palestine and the abuse they suffer from internal and external entities. The aim is to ensure these organizations sustain their impact and achieve a more amplified voice that reiterates Palestinian narrative, history, and day-to-day realities to an international audience.

excellence in sports

As long-term advocates of sport and big believers in its ability to empower communities and inspire youth, Yafa is dedicated to supporting individual excellence in the field of sports to make sure promising athletes in our community have a chance to reach their full potential and have access to compete in the world of international sports.

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